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Noted Auburn alumnus bought, brought century-old eagle statues to Toomer’s Corner after spotting them in driveway of wealthy Philadelphian

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Last week we learned that what little we thought we knew about the history of the eagle statues at Toomer’s Corner was wrong, duh… because this is Auburn, and that’s what happens when you’re dealing with traditions tied to Toomer’s Corner (see: everything). But that century old Philly connection obviously …

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‘Jeopardy!’ contestant thinks Texas legend Mack Brown won more than 150 games at Auburn

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Auburn has a recent history as with incorrect Jeopardy! responses. The latest, from Thursday’s episode, is the greatest compliment Mack Brown has every received. (Can’t see the video? Try here.) We know one contestant who would not have made that mistake. h/t @FearlessandTrue Related: Video Of Jeopardy! Contestant Bombing Auburn-Cam …

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[UPDATED] On The Mysterious Origins of the Toomer’s Corner Eagle Statues: Marble birds may have once perched on a building in Philadephia…and may be 150 years old


Toomer’s Corner is, like, the Bermuda Triangle of Auburn tradition. Dates disappear, memories go haywire, origin theories appear out of thin air, facts vanish without a trace. The Toomer’s Oaks were a million years old. I mean 85 or something. Check out this picture of one of the Toomer’s Oak …

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Sense of humor, unique voice turn Meghan McCarthy into social media megastar; Auburn senior has more than a million followers on Vine

And we thought Sara Hopkins was amazing. Oh my Lord in heaven!

When Meghan McCarthy posted her impression of Boo from the Pixar movie Monster’s Inc. on Vine in August of 2013, she had 20 followers. Later that day she had a couple hundred. Now, barely six months later, McCarthy sits atop more than one million followers on Vine, almost 17,000 followers …

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