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Watch a horse perform freestyle dressage to the Auburn Fight Song, ‘Eye of the Tiger’

Someone sends you a video of what they say is a horse doing horse stuff to the Auburn Fight Song, you click play expecting to see some sort of promo for Auburn’s almost disturbingly dominant Equestrian Program.

But no, best we can tell, this is just a video of renowned dressage diva Jodie Kelley and Manhattan the horse doing their thing to the sounds of the Auburn fight song and the sweet spots from the Rocky soundtrack at the 2012 FEI Grand Prix Freestyle.

At the end, the British-accented announcer asks “And with that choice of music, you think this girl went to Auburn?”

Yeah, you would. But best we can tell, Kelly is just a really big Auburn fan, perhaps because of her frequent visits to and work with the Large Animal Teaching Hospital operated by Auburn’s almost disturbingly dominant vet school.

h/t Heather Moffett

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