Cam Newton receives belated Singing Valentine during class (again); students from Auburn Wesley Foundation serenade the AU senior with One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ during Tuesday class

You know you're beautiful...

You know you’re beautiful…

When it came time to advertise this year’s Singing Valentines, the AU Wesley Foundation understandably went with a photo from the most high-profile delivery from 2013.

Last year, a few weeks into Cam Newton’s first semester back at AU since entering the 2011 NFL draft, Auburn student Rachel Gilmore paid the Wesley Foundation $10 to serenade Newton with My Guy and deliver an invitation to the Phi Mu Carnation Formal. (We interviewed her about it.)

But when no one took the hint by again paying to have their love for the Blessed Individual declared in song, organizers decided to take matters into their own order forms.

Auburn sophomores Tomi Obebe and Avery Ginn delivered Newton three roses—he gave one to to the professor as a gift “from all the underachievers in class”—and serenaded him with an acoustic version of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful during his 2 p.m. Tuesday class which is “full of girls”—35, we think—”and just one other guy,” according to classmate Amber Moreman.

(Why Tuesday and not last Friday? Blame the snow day that wasn’t.)

“It went pretty well,” said Obebe, who along with Ginn was part of the group who sang to Newton last year. “He was smiling and shaking his head like ‘aw man, not again.’ But he was dancing and clapping and getting everyone else to join in. He wasn’t upset.”

This year, the group charged $15 for Singing Valentines. Other song options were L-O-V-E, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, Hey BabyYou Are My Sunshine, and My Girl. Throw in an extra $5 and they might do Wrecking Ball.

Money raised from the Singing Valentines this year will help fund the Wesley Foundation’s Spring Break trip to help build a community center in a village in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Cam’s Valentine was officially paid for and sent by The Auburn Wesley Foundation “as a thank you for everything he’s done for Auburn,” Obebe said.

“It was fun,” said Ginn, who played guitar for the song. “His class actually got into it this time, which was kind of cool. We were walking in and trying to kind of be discreet about it by asking ‘is there a Cameron Newton here?’ He really enjoyed it. He’s a really cool guy.”

Newton started classes at Auburn again two weeks ago. (There are photos.)

Moreman said that, with the exception of Singing Valentines, things are pretty much back to normal now.

“We are still excited, but back to normal.”


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