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  1. It’s so much more fun when we’re all pulling against each other. I don’t understand why any Auburn fan would pull for Alabama and vice versa. I don’t want them pulling for us. Can’t we all just hate each other and be happy about it?

  2. If I’m not mistaken, this game was played in 1973. Remember, this is the year after the Soviet team got three chances in the last two seconds in the Olympics to beat the American team. Everyone in the country HATED the Soviet team. Yet, here they were playing Alabama. I was in 10th grade at the time and my favorite memory of this event was my dad’s friend at church. He was a huge Auburn fan and he and I addressed each other as “Comrade” for about two weeks!

  3. Definitely sounds ’73ish, and I’m sure there could have been another similar scenario that had Auburn fans feeling the same thing, but Reginald King wasn’t at Bama in ’73. Think he played from ’75-’79.

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