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  1. I think you got it wrong, or he’s really confused. If he went to to Ga Tech, and cheers for them, they’re the Yellowjackets.

  2. Two reasons Aubarn fans move back to Aubarn.
    1. Their degrees are worthless so that’s the only place on earth they are accepted.

    2. Its the only place for bestiality in the United States that their peers dont judge them, because they participate also.

  3. Classy Bama fans as usual, taking time out of their day to read Auburn articles. I guess they’ve always got a sec for Auburn!

  4. You guys are fucking stupid. Auburns one of the top 50 smartest cities in the country. Most people who live in Auburn aren’t your dumb rednecks like you think most people in Alabama are. I have a degree in actuarial science from Auburn and one of the most stable jobs around.

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