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Jeff Foxworthy: ‘How can you not like Auburn?’

The July 2012 photo that first clued us in that Jeff Foxworthy would soon be plenty TWER worthy (TWERthy).

You always say nice things about the town or venue or whatever where you’re performing. But we’re pretty sure Jeff Foxworthy means what he told media members about the Plains on Wednesday.

The Camp War Eagle superstar will perform at Auburn University, where his daughter is currently a freshman, next week for the 2014 Hudson Family Foundation Benefit Weekend.

Though he attended Georgia Tech and pulls for the Georgia, Foxworthy says the first time he visited Auburn he “just fell in love with it.”

From the OA-News:

“How can you not like Auburn?” Foxworthy said. “The first time walking around I was like, ‘Dad gum, I could have gone to school here.’”

Foxworthy said his impression of the Auburn community is that it’s unpretentious and genuinely kind.

“Anybody that went to school there, they keep going back,” Foxworthy said. “They all want to live there and I just love that. It’s not like you graduate and never go back, you graduate and you’re there tailgating every football weekend for the rest of your life. I just don’t think most communities or schools have that effect on people.

“There’s just something very special about that. It feels like family.”

You can read about Foxworthy’s Jan. 23 at Auburn Arena here.

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