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Brambletting: Auburn fan kids are lip-synching Rod Bramblett’s Iron Bowl radio call and it’s wonderful

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And we thought Alanis Bramblett was amazing!!!

From the mouths of babes, the glory of the Iron Bowl lives on. Not that babe, the little kind. Indeed, it looks as if Alanis Bramblett may actually have started a new fad or meme or whatever: Brambletting.

Here’s a Brambletting video by Atlanta 10-year-old Ella Hill, daughter of 1991 Auburn graduate Mary Grace Higgs-Hill, and there’s something about not only her fantastic expressiveness, but the effects—slightly out of synch, slightly jerky, the black and white graininess of it all—that elevates this to the level of art.

This kid’s act of Brambletting is especially impressive (whether he knew a sniper was trying to take him out or not) because it was actually done not (just) in front of a camera, but for a live audience, and on a bus to Pasadena no less.

Know of any more Brambletting videos? Send’em our way. Ditto any more Davis’ing videos.

h/t AU Pike, Katie Bell

UPDATE: Here’s another one.

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For a $10 donation to TWER (just make sure you include your address), you can turn your car into a Bramblettmobile! Or a Hot Rod, if you will… act fast, supplies are limited…

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