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  1. It was me who had the camera ready this time! 🙂 I’m the producer of the radio broadcast and after no one got to see the crew’s excitement after the Georgia game, I knew I had to have the camera ready for this game. People always hear their voices, but never get to see their genuine emotions, and I thought that needed to change. Glad people are enjoying it! War Eagle!

  2. Just before the game, Rod tweeted that he was not sure if this Iron Bowl could possibly live up to the incredible hype being generated by the rabid fans and media. Hey Rod, second thoughts?

  3. I HOPE Rod and his friends see the Auburn Fan Girl video. She did such a great job on that, she is truly a FAN, and it appears she is a big fan of Rod’s as well. BOTH are stellar videos. And yes, HE does make the games for us.

  4. I am looking for somewhere to listen to the entire games radio brodcast, anyone able to point me in the right direction?

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