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[UPDATED] The Rod Bramblett Iron Bowl Call lip sync champion is a 25-year-old from North Carolina who wasn’t even an Auburn fan but now she is

Holy cow. Oh my GOD!!!
Alanis Bramblett!

So not only are the brothers of TODAY Show hosts with no connection to Auburn crying over the end of the Iron Bowl, people not even from Auburn or even Alabama, and who aren’t even into Auburn football or anything, but who have heard Rod Bramblett’s call, are learning it by heart, line for line, OMG for OMG. Because it’s awesome.

Kaitlyn Reed went Auburn victory video viral last night thanks to her amazing lip sync performance of Bramblett’s call. Surely she was an Auburn fan, maybe a student, maybe even Alanis Morissette. But nope, just a 25-year-old photographer and Texas State grad who walked into a North Carolina bar Saturday night and got swept up by the once in a lifetime, earth-moving emotion of it all. “Everyone was going crazy inside,” she told al.com. And when she happened upon Bramblett’s radio call of the final play, it straight up moved her. In front of a camera. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

“It was the excitement in his voice,” Reed said. “It was hard not to get excited. … The audio just got you so excited without actually having to watch it.”

How many tries did it take her to become an Auburn hero? Only 10.

OF COURSE we’re trying to get hold of some outtakes…

[UPDATE] She sent us one!

So will she be watching / listening to the SEC Championship game?

“I’ll definitely be watching the game and of course rooting for Auburn,” Reed told TWER. “But also hoping Rod Bramblett says something amazing again.

“It seems like the whole AU family has welcomed me with open arms. Your fans are truly awesome.”

You can read more about the new Auburn fan here. And check out her photography website here.

h/t Ryan Boykin.

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