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New York Post calls end to miracle Iron Bowl the ‘greatest ending in history of sports’

The cover of today’s New York Post just comes out with. We’re not we’re not alone!

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From columnist Mike Vaccaro:

“Nobody rushes to judgment more than sports fans. We love what we just saw. We want to sanctify what just happened by giving it historical context, and as a result we jump to conclusions easily: THIS was the best Super Bowl ever. THIS was the greatest Final Four of all time.

Mostly, given time to digest it all, we sheepishly come around to the fact that maybe we got a little carried away.

Just not this time. This is fact:

The ending to Saturday’s Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn was the greatest ending in the history of sports. There. I said it. There are many reasons.”

You can read those reasons here.

Here’s the sports section cover:


Photo: Andrew Giangola.

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