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  1. “Thamel is supposed to be a seasoned, well-paid pro”

    As soon as he writes a column that would in any way support this, we’ll have an opportunity to judge this statement on whether that is a fact.

    Until then, however, this remains in the realm of pure speculation.

  2. I was wondering when the Thamel “article” would make an appearance on TWER. I read as much of it as I could stand then punted. Awful awful awful…

  3. Classy response from Tre since there are so many other two word responses that would have fit the bill.

  4. Thank-you! I teach my writing students to be much more careful with sources than so many so-called journalists are today (thanks, also, to AU writing/comm classes of the 80’s where this was hammered into my brain!). Thamel’s as well as Scarbinky’s, pieces were at best lazy and at worst, immoral. Yes- immoral. My dear old granny taught me it’s not nice to play fast and loose with the truth – a lesson both of these yahoos would do well to learn.

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