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‘Holy smokes, we’ve got a return by Obamacare!’ MSNBC host Ed Schultz uses Auburn’s amazing Iron Bowl win for strained political analogy on ‘The ED Show’

One might view the Democratic Party as the odds on favorite in any potential political matchup that arises in our nation’s capital. Aside from the 2010 midterm election that flipped the U.S. House in Republicans’ favor, Democrats have ruled the roost under the leadership of President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

But that’s not how MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, the left-of-center host of “The ED Show”, saw it. On his Monday program, Schultz explained how in his view, it was in fact the Republican Party that was the proverbial favorite in present-day politics, even though the Republican Party currently is only holding down one-half of one branch of the federal government.

“Ooh, Nellie, we had some football games over the weekend, didn’t we?” Schultz proclaimed. “You know, there really is no greater rivalry than Alabama-Auburn. You know, Alabama has been awesome. I mean, they’ve kind of had everything their way, kind of like the Republicans in recent years, you know? They just stop everything, you know? You just can’t score on these guys. And, of course, Alabama thinks nobody is going to score on them. Heck, they’re Alabama. They’re going to go for their third-straight national championship, they thought. In fact, they are so confident, they thought with just one second left, they could put a bunch of fat guys out there on the offensive line that don’t know how to recover kicks, and try a field goal.” (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

According to Schultz, the Democratic Party was more like the Auburn Tigers in last Saturday’s Iron Bowl contest, despite having total control of the executive branch and being able to stop anything the Republican-controlled House does by declaring it “dead on arrival” when it arrives to the north side of Capitol Hill.

“You see Auburn, if you’re for Obamacare, you’ve got to play like Auburn,” Schultz continued. “You got to play every play. You can’t ever give up. You just got to keep going. So here’s what happened: Alabama decides to try a field goal to win the doggone thing. Of course, overtime isn’t an option for Alabama. They’re Alabama.”

Schultz keyed in on the struggles the Obama administration and congressional Democrats have had in dealing with the rollout of Obamacare. In Schultz’s view, despite having what many say has been a disastrous rollout, Obamacare proponents are more representative of the Auburn Tigers that entered last Saturday’s matchup with a 10-1 record as opposed to the Florida Gators, whose season just ended with a disappointing overall 4-8 record.

“So this is what happens: The kid lines up, and they try a 57-yard field goal,” he said. “Oh, Nellie, we are down to the wire here. This is going to be short off to the right a little bit and what have we got? Holy smokes, we’ve got a return by Obamacare. This is Chris Davis. He’s a believer! He’s got all those Obama blockers out there. He’s going to go all the way. It’s going to work! It’s going to work. Look at Obamacare, going to work. They ain’t giving up. 109 yards in Jordan Harris stadium. Eighty-seven thousand fans loving every bit of it, and guess what, four times that many people went to the website and signed up today. You see that?”

h/t Stephen Hart Jr.

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