‘Holy crap what have I done!’ Auburn fan who stole Gus Malzahn’s visor issues apology, wants to return the hat

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‘Tell coach Gus that he can definitely have his visor back.”

A 15-year-old Auburn fan named Hayden claims to be the person who snatched Gus Malzahn’s now iconic visor right off his halo as fans swarmed the coach immediately following the amazing end to the 2013 Iron Bowl. He sent Gus Malzahn an apology (c/o TWER) this afternoon. He’s really sorry. He wants to make things right.

Dear Coach Malzahn,

I saw this on YouTube and war eagle reader and thought, “Holy crap what have I done!”   I am soooooooo sorry about taking your visor; I took it thinking you would just throw it into the audience later anyway. If you guys can send me the address to return it to then I’ll be more then happy to do so….

Hayden says he wore the visor after the game.

“Anyway, tell coach Gus that he can definitely have his visor back and I’m sorry for taking it, especially in such a rude way. Long live the Tigers and War Eagle!!!”

After handing Bear Bryant the worst defeat (point-wise) of his career in the 1969 Iron Bowl, Auburn coach Shug Jordan tossed his houndstooth hat into the stands. It was caught by an Auburn coed (we interviewed her), and eventually returned to him after he hinted he wished he still had it for Auburn’s bowl game. That made the news, too.

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