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  1. Wow. … So he stole it right off the man’s head assuming that he would toss it into the stands ? Why would you think that ? Has CGM been known to do that before ? I don’t buy it. …

    He stole it…period! I certainly was not the pillar of exemplary teen behavior as a kid, but I had much more respect for my elders than that.

  2. You’re correct, stealing is wrong, and I think he knows that. Auburn will likely say, “keep it,” but I like that the kid’s offered to return it.

  3. If I were in the athletic department, I’d accept the hat, give the kid a personally autographed football in return, and either A) put the hat in the museum or B) have Gus and Davis sign it, then auction it for a charity like Bo Bikes Bama.

  4. I agree with Lana — take the visor back! It could be lucky. It should be word at the SEC champ game, just to be safe. It was bad enough Gus wore a different vest for the Iron Bowl. But it worked out OK. ;-P

  5. Hey Rodney, at least we don’t murder our fellow fans because we’re not sad enough after a loss. The Crimson Cult lives on………………..

  6. Young man, since you saw your theft recorded on this blog site so you could be identified, you may see this. Don’t put the burden on someone else to ask for it back. You took it, you have a computer, you can get the address for the AU athletic department, so send it. Sounds like you’re hoping to get a souvenir you can have or sell. Send it back.

  7. He must not be a true fan to have not returned it. Or maybe he never had it to begin with. God has tigers on a path of destiny no lucky piece of clothing can stop that!! WDE!!


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