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[UPDATED] Did a kid steal Gus Malzahn’s visor off his head as students rushed the field after the Iron Bowl?

UPDATE: ‘Holy crap what have I done!’ Auburn fan who stole Gus Malzahn’s visor issues apology, wants to return the hat.

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Ultimate souvenir.

I know, we were hungry for another parallel between Saturday and epic Iron Bowls of yore, too.

In 1969, after one of the most memorable plays in the rivalry’s history—one that also had people YOLO’ing onto the field during the game—Shug tossed his lucky houndstooth hat high into the stands like the new (post) graduate of Bear Beater University that he was (he graduated with honors—the 49 points scored on Bryant in the 1969 were the most ever scored on him). It wound up in the hands of an Auburn student (we interviewed her about it).

Chris Johnston from the Phoenix Metro Auburn Club noticed that Gus Malzahn’s visor also ended up in the hands of an Auburn student (at least presumably an Auburn student) after the 2013 Iron Bowl. However, Gus appears to have had his visor straight up stolen right off of his head. You’ll see it.

So… did he get the hat back? Because I mean, fun’s fun and stuff, man, but if it’s like his favorite visor or a lucky visor (#hatthing) we could very well be dealing with some sort of Samson and Delilah secret of my success situation here. That’s why the houndstooth was returned to Shug—he wanted its luck for the bowl game.

Gus turns to one of the state troopers and smiles and points toward the scamp, so maybe he was brought to justice. He was wearing a visor in the Verizon Locker Room Report. But is the visor he wore during the greatest ending in the history of sports?

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