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  1. Sports is not politics. There is room for a wider variety of “acceptable” styles in sports writing. The old school approach is to report the facts while remaining objective.

    But I don’t mind if my local sports guy is a slight homer because the fans get a feeling that “we” are in this together.

    On the other hand, I really hate when a huge national outlet like ESPN displays obvious or even subtle bias for a select few “pets” because they influence Heisman and BCS selections. For such media giants I hold to the old adage “report the news, don’t make the news.”

  2. I agree with you on local columnists, TigerEyez (and I think Shaughnessy kinda would too).

    What you’re talking about with ESPN is more those cherished yet overvalued “narratives” that what I call the “lazy sports media pack” holds on to. It’s easier than thinking through information for them. I hate those biases too.

  3. Enjoyed this article! I like reading biased articles when the writer is honest about her bias. My complaint is with writers who are biased but don’t admit it.


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