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Charleston, S.C. pastor uses photo of Chris Davis’ Iron Bowl-winning run in Christmas sermon

Too many folks feel compelled to cut Rod Bramblett’s call off right before the “Oh My God!,” which is not only a shame (because that’s what makes it), but unnecessary. Because no one contributing to that massive, collective OH MY GOD that literally rocked Jordan-Hare Stadium as Chris Davis broke free on the final play of the Iron Bowl was using the Lord’s name in vain—that was pure exaltation, pure holy astonishment, so much so that one Southern Baptist pastor in Charleston, S.C. actually incorporated a photo of Auburn fans reacting to the play into his Christmas sermon on Dec. 22.

Here’s Buster Brown, pastor of East Cooper Baptist Church, using a closeup of one of the many dudes on the Auburn sideline with his hands on his head and his jaw dropped as Davis flew down the field, to illustrate the reaction to the angel of the Lord—that should be Davis’ nickname: Chris Angel—of the terrified shepherds keeping watch over their flocks at night. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

You can watch the entire sermon here.

Brown’s isn’t the only church trying to make spiritual hay with Iron Bowl Fever.

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