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  1. I listened to your podcast and almost had an aneurysm when y’all were talking about breakout games by AU RB’s since Cadillac/Brown, because the most obvious of all was Irons calling his shot against LSU in 2005 and backing it up with 218 yards on 27 carries.
    In fact, can we all just look at Kenny’s stats from that year and marvel at his 1 carry against GT.

    Man, what could have been if Al would have used Kenny more against GT instead of making Cox throw the ball 44 times! and if Vaughn hits a few of those 5 FG’s against LSU. We could have been looking at back-to-back BCS NC game snubs! 🙂

  2. The failure to use Kenny Irons against Ga Tech is, IMO, probably the single biggest in-game coaching error Auburn has made in the modern era. But he wasn’t catching on to all the blocking schemes yet, allegedly. So we sent (the other) Tre out there and he could not get it done.

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