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SNL alum Rob Schneider in an Auburn shirt

Another celebrity in an early 80s Auburn T-shirt. Or at least that looks like an early 80s Auburn T-Shirt. I suppose it’s possible that it’s a (very well done) faux vintage reproduction; it looks as if the seal reads “Alabama Polytechnic Institute,” which once you move past the actual API years is much more typical of post-millennial embrace-our-roots wear. But whatever, it’s an Auburn shirt nonetheless.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 4.19.42 PM
RAUb Schneider.

The bigger question: Did Andy Warhol take this photo? Sure, he died in 1987. And this easily looks like it could have been yesterday. But art provenance is tricky business. You never know. The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Art should probably go ahead and buy it, too, just in case.

Other celebrities in Auburn stuff: John Oates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dr. Dre, John Travolta, Thierry Henry, Willie Nelson, Zac Efron, Naya Rivera, Molly Sims, Jason Segel, Joe DiMaggio.

Photo via Lin Wormley.

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