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RPM: Smilin’ Jack Smollon’s Iron Bowl compilation + Alabama Massacreeeee edition

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Hail, hail, the gang’s all here for the pronunciation massacreeeee…

So we have a great idea: Instead of posting individual songs and videos, we’ll just throw all the songs into ONE VIDEO, pageviews be damned. We’ll just make it like an album that you and your mouse hand can just sit back and enjoy. Besides, it’s Iron Bowl week and it’s time to live in the present. No more redshirting ol’ Smilin’ Jack, saving up songs for next year—hey, there may not even be a next year. It’s time to give the people what they want when they want it, and they want it now. Why just the other day I received an email—and it wasn’t the first—asking if I had by chance tracked down one of Smilin’ Jacks most popular songs. Well yes. We have.

And it’s not only popular because of the opponent, it’s popular for the unorthodox pronunciations. Little known fact: It’s also not really just one song, it’s several songs—that is, there are several songs that do the same thing, all of them almost identical save for a date reference or two here, a slightly different inflection there, and some reverb somewhere else. The one constant (you know, besides the music)? “Massacreeeee.” As in, the Iron Bowl won’t be a massa-cur, it’ll be a massa-cree.

But first up, the non-massacreeeee songs, and man, there are some good ones, all recorded during either the 1970s or 1980s. Turn your volume up for that sweet Shug-ie woogie. #shugiewoogie (Oh, and actually, I do have probably the best Massacreeee version at the end of this video. But all you diehards definitely need to hear the different takes, no doubt.)

Now for the Alabama massaCREEEEE!!!!!

No, you’re right — Smilin’ Jack wasn’t the only one to go long “e” on the end of “massacre” in a Beat Bama song. (Was it actually pronounced that way back then or something?)

Also, in case you’re wondering what’s going on at the end of every song, this is what’s going on at the end of every song.

Related: ‘Birmingham Bear Chase’, a song written about the 1969 Iron Bowl, is awesome.

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