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Online campaign started to fund therapy for Auburn grad recovering from traumatic brain injury

You go to school. You work hard. You thrive. You like it so much that you help convince your younger brother to enroll there, too.

Or, you watch your older sister working her way through Auburn. You visit. You like it so much that you decide to make that your college, too.

Then one day you get a phone call. Your sister, who’s always looked after you in that sisterly way, has been in a car accident. When you get to the hospital they tell you it’s bad. They’re saying things like 50/50.

And she makes it. Your fraternity brothers chip in. All of the community, people you don’t know, shows up. Aubie visits. She makes it. She makes it in a big way. She got back in school, wrapping up a degree while learning how to walk and write again. She had to learn how to eat again. Then, finally, you help your big sister across the stage.

And that’s how Molly Welch graduated from Auburn in 2011. But her work continues.

There’s an online campaign trying to help Molly raise $20,000 by Dec. 2 to help keep her in therapy, improve her walk, rehab her muscular difficulties and, perhaps most importantly, obtain a state-of-the-art cyberkinetic hand to give her back some lost functionality.

Molly’s putting in the hard work; she’s shown the spirit that is not afraid. Let’s show her the human touch.

War Eagle, Molly.

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