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Lauren Graham, Craig T. Nelson watch, discuss 2006 Auburn-South Carolina game in episode of ‘Parenthood’

I’m sure there are a zillion great things about the latest appearance of a 2006 Auburn game in a prime time network TV show, this time Auburn’s 24-17 win over South Carolina (hey, it was on Thursday, too!) on Thursday night’s episode of NBC’s Parenthood, which I’ll totally have to start watching now. But here are the first three that come to mind:

1) It’s finally someone other than Bama. I mean, sheesh, Writer’s Guild of America,I was beginning to think the Iron Bowl was the only game we played that year

2) You don’t have to Google anything to see if we won that year because we don’t lose to South Carolina, it’s a law.

3) As the father of a daughter who may possibly have been middlenamed just a little after Lorelai Gilmore, and who has more than considered starting a blog with which to review every episode of Gilmore Girls (#TeamLuke), having Lauren Graham (finally!) intersect with Auburn—and I mean, it’s not just on in the background, she’s actually talking about it—is like Christmas come early and with Stars Hollow snow.

(Can’t see the video? Try here.)

The last time an Auburn game was on NBC was that episode of Animal Practice with the monkey watching us sack John Parker Wilson and laughing hysterically like we all did. Or wait, maybe it was that Tonight Show clip with that awesome clip of Fairley from the 2010 Iron Bowl.

Eagle Eye Awards: Emily Elliot and Ragan Cole (who also provided the video).

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