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Coaches film, broadcast of Auburn’s 1971 comeback win over Tennessee

Auburn had cost Tennessee a possible national championship in 1970. The Vols were out for revenge.They’d waited a year for the game. Auburn trailed for most of it. Pat Sullivan struggled for most of it…. most of it.

The Vols did not get revenge. 10-9.

We have coaches film for the first three quarters, then the ABC broadcast with its amazing commercials for cigars and Skin Bracer, and lingering shots of cheerleaders (which we’ve turned into a separate post, just for kicks and herkies) takes over for the fourth quarter. Pretty sure that’s a Tennessee fan cussing into camera or something at the end.

We’re reminded again of what an unsung badass Dick Schmalz was—his back-to-back identical receptions on Sullivan’s last, Heisman-worthy drive are just clutch as futch—and of what a permissive era it was for piling on, late hits, etc. Take the last play for example, which we’ve Vine’d for illustrative convenience. Just a little ball hawking is all…

You can watch the gender-bending 1970 game here, and the Amazin’ 1972 game here.

Video courtesy of Allen Spain.

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