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Miracle in Jordan-Hare starts out Wall Street Journal story about football players’ class-action lawsuit against NCAA

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Rachel Bachman is AUBsessed!

Auburn, America’s last chance, is back in the Wall Street Journal today (once again courtesy Rachel Bachman), this time as the highest-profile-as-of-press-time kinda sorta poster child of college football players’ class-action lawsuit against the NCAA seeking some of that fat broadcast revenue.

Here’s the Auburn stuff:

Early Saturday evening, the call rang out through Twitter and text message: Turn on CBS. Georgia had erased Auburn’s 20-point lead and clung to a one-point edge with less than a minute to go. Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall faced fourth-and-18 from his own 27-yard line.

Marshall launched a soaring pass. Into double coverage. It bounced off a Georgia defender and floated like a diamond ring above a drain, then landed in the hands of Auburn receiver Ricardo Louis, who strode into the end zone. The Tigers went on to win, 43-38, as Georgia coaches collapsed onto the field in agony.

The Tigers, picked fifth in their own division before the season but No. 6 nationally after Saturday, ride into their annual Iron Bowl grudge match against top-ranked Alabama on Nov. 30 with a Southeastern Conference title-game berth on the line, and maybe more. (Auburn will be at home, by the way.)

But lost amid Saturday’s bedlam was a strange-but-true fact born just eight days earlier: Marshall and Louis are suing the NCAA. So is Aaron Murray, Georgia’s quarterback.

In fact, every top-division football player you saw on Saturday—and even those you didn’t see—is suing college sports’ governing body. They’re part of a newly certified class-action lawsuit that seeks certain slices of college-sports revenues, the biggest of which is broadcast-rights contracts. Before long, the players who stop viewers’ hearts with their play soon might receive a portion of the millions those broadcasts generate.

You can read the rest of the story here.

h/t Jed Johnson.

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