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The Duty: Earliest reference to Auburn football team as ‘tigers’ is in an awesome 1894 poem before the Alabama game

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The earliest known instance of Auburn’s football team being referred to as “Tigers” is a poem written by Auburn quarterback Walker R. “Tick” Tichenor, youngest son of former Auburn president Isaac Taylor Tichenor, before the 1894 Auburn-Alabama game. Which we lost (because Bama paid professional boxers to beat us). But …

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War Eagle Beat Bama Relics


War Eagle! It’s time to turn our attention to the one thing we all love, and that is beating Bama. Let us harness the power of the past to slay the crimson dragon that dare enter our lair. The first two items are from my collection. Bear Bryant autographed Bo …

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Chair-ished Tradition: Auburn family takes lucky chair with them everywhere—even Thanksgiving trip to Gatlinburg—to insure Auburn victories


It’s only weird if it doesn’t work—that’s the Bud Light commercial going around, right? About all the wacky superstitious things football fans do or put up with to secure supernatural blessings for their teams? Well, if you’re one of them, a believer, then please forgive the Lawleys from Trussville. They …

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Damn you, Auburn

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Damn you, Auburn. Damn you for making me care. Damn you for being irresistible. Damn you for making me fall in love with you. Not your football team, but you. All of you. Your campus, your city, your academics, your history, your townspeople and your culture. Damn you for being …

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The Bash The Bama Car Bash of 1974

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That Bash Bama car thing from the early 80s? We KNEW we’d seen something like that before… click on it and you see it a little better. Caption: “Vicki Thompson, 2GC, vents her frustrations on the Bama Buggy. After paying $1.02 for the 35-0 windshield, she was permitted to slam …

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