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War Hol Eagle: Andy Warhol’s photograph of John Oates in a War Damn Eagle T-shirt being auctioned by Christie’s

Just when you think you’ve found the sexiest Auburn photo ever, up pops a photo of John Oates in all his mustachioed, white jeans’ed glory in a sleeveless “War Damn Eagle” T-shirt in a Christie’s auction. Because it was taken by Andy Warhol in New York City’s cinematically depraved early 80s…

Warhol Eagle: Mustache Over The Top.
War Hol Eagle: Mustache Over The Top.

… but likely no earlier than May 8, 1981, the day after he and Hall played Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum, which is where I’d imagine he picked up such a killer specimen.

Or maybe it was earlier, and that’s why the most successful musical duo of the rock era headed Plainsward in the first place—because John was a rabid, sleeveless War Damn Eagle T-shirt level Auburn fan (he’s a Beaaar Eater…).

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.10.18 AM
May 7, 1981. More like the Toomer’s Oates… 1982 Glomerata.

Christie’s expects the photo, part of its new “Andy Warhol @ Christie’s: The Entertainers” series, to fetch between $3,000-$5,000, which would obviously be a total steal.

Oh, and if Hall & Oates were indeed featured in a episode of Andy Warhol’s TV like the auction house says they were in the photo’s description, that means it’s totally possible there’s some Beta Max footage of Oates in this bad boy floating around somewhere, probably gathering angel dust in the corner of some forgotten Studio 54 storage closet or something. Your move, NYC Auburn Alumni Club members…

Other celebrities in Auburn stuff: Leonardo DiCaprio, Dr. Dre, John Travolta, Thierry Henry, Willie Nelson, Zac Efron, Naya Rivera, Molly Sims, Jason Segel, Joe DiMaggio.

h/t Mark Hogan

[UPDATE]: Help Oates and his shirt return to Auburn permanently (in spirit).

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