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Video shows awesome Auburn homecoming decorations from the early ’60s

Since these silent shots of a giant tiger deciding the fate of a giant bulldog with a golf putter and of the real life-sized facade of the “Strip State Club” are almost certainly homecoming decorations, the “Circa 1961” description for this fantastic old video of Auburn’s campus is probably off circa a year. (Mississippi State had the honor of being our homecoming opponent in 1962, Clemson had it in ’61—and Paul Davis, also a former Auburn assistant, and apparently the star at the the Strip State Club, didn’t start coaching at Mississippi State until ’62.) But who cares.

What matters is that these moving, color pictures (the aerial shots of a 1962 Cliff Hare Stadium would have been nice to have a couple of weeks ago) help you appreciate the once-upon-a-time devotion Auburn students had to the great Baal of homecoming victory (I mean, seriously—size-wise, these are on the scale of Old Testament idolatry, at least how it’s illustrated in Kid Bibles) in ways black and white stills do not. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

The aliens who helped Auburn fraternity men build these marvelous monstrosities see your sidewalk chalk doodles and laugh.

h/t Riley Downing. First published March 20, 2012.

We’ll be documenting the evolution of homecoming at Auburn for the rest of this week. Like, nonstop vintage homecoming action. I’m excited. Stay tuned. Beat Western Carolina.

Related: Here’s the 1950 Auburn coed according to Florida homecoming decorations.

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