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Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is obsessed with Bo Jackson

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Jameis Winston, come on down!

Freshman phenom quarterback / outfielder Jameis Winston’s impressive, FSU record-setting start to the season has Seminole fans and opponents alike comparing him to Bo Jackson, if such a thing were possible.  And Winston, who’s also an outfielder on Florida State’s baseball, is all about it—the next Next Bo Jackson is, per the Baltimore Sun, “unabashedly Bo-obsessed.” (Welcome, brother!)

The 6-foot-4, 228-pound Winston knows all about Bo. The 19-year-old is unabashedly Bo-obsessed. When he’s not studying video on opponents, he relishes watching footage of Jackson running over NFL linebackers or smashing home runs for the Kansas City Royals a quarter-century ago.

“Oh yeah, that’s always been one of my dreams,” Winston said Wednesday of the possibility of playing two sports as a professional, as Jackson did.

He is a pitcher and outfielder on Florida State’s baseball team whose laser throws from the outfield have become YouTube hits. And, like Jackson, he hails from Alabama.

“I watch Bo’s ’30 for 30′ [documentary] all the time — that’s my favorite one,” Winston said in his pronounced southern accent. “I really want to be like that.”

Should have made that “and, like Jackson, he hails from Bessemer, Alabama.”

Totally could have gone to his school, Jameis….

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