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Downtown Auburn bar 17-16 plants two oaks on new patio for customers to eventually roll

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Plant, Auburn, Plant.

Two oak trees were planted on the new expanded patio behind Auburn bar 17-16 Friday afternoon. You know why.

“We decided after all the whole Toomer’s Corner fiasco that when we did our expansion, we’d put two trees in our new back expansion area,” says 17-16 co-owner Scott Crittenden. “We thought if they didn’t replace the [Toomer’s Oaks] up front that we could get people to roll the trees at our place.”

Will the trees get the treatment after Auburn beats FAU tomorrow night?

“Well, I think it’s going to take a little time to get to them on the scale to really roll them them, but that’s the plan for sure,” Crittenden says. “Our tradition got stolen from us by dang Updyke. We’re just trying to save it.”

17-16 isn’t the only downtown business trying to keep the memories of the Toomer’s Oaks alive with actual trees—or with trees that  might as well be actual trees.

In June, Auburn Art installed a replica Toomer’s Oak inside its store.

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