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Auburn grad included in TIME Magazine list of Africa’s wealthiest people

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Mohamed Mansour counts only on what he earns. He has earned $2.3 billion dollars.

The blurb about Mohamed Mansour in the latest issue of TIME actually says he used to teach at Auburn; we’re told the man in charge of Egyptian supercompany the Mansour Group actually graduated from Auburn. We can’t find him in the Glom—of course when you have billions at your disposal to keep off the nostalgia grid on the off chance you one day fly on the radar of a daily meta-memoir (whatever that is), you use it. TWER can ruin lives.

But sure enough, Mohammed Mansour is listed in Auburn’s alumni directory as a 1971 graduate (brother Youssef got his MBA in ’72). His $2.3 billion—that’s billion—make him one of the richest men in Africa, and one of the continent’s 55 billionaires. So now we get to not only say that billionaires advise people to go to Auburn, billionaires actually went to Auburn. (Has Tim Cook hit the big B yet?)

h/t Alexander Roberson.

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