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Awesome Afghan interpreter who liked posing with his ‘War Eagle’ humvee rescued from Afghanistan, makes headlines

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.51.19 AM

Two days ago, former Army Capt. Matt Zeller—and we’re paraphrasing through five years of heroism and disappointment and Change.org petitions and never-say-die determination and promises kept—helped finally get Afghan interpreter Janis Shinwari and his family out of Afghanistan and into America. The reason? The Taliban has a habit of chopping …

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The Wishbone Podcast: The Hawg Hex strikes up the bandwidth


Give’em hell, give’em hell. Give this guy hell. Give him hell so hard. Do it, Gus. Please. Hell. Give it. Van and John’s already best-selling Auburn football book, Decades of Dominance, is here. Hit them up on the Twitter: @auwishbone / @jkringer / @vanallenplexico. Email the show at [email protected] And …

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RPM: Smilin’ Jack Smollon crowns 1983 Auburn Tigers national champs to the tune of ‘The Battle of New Orleans’

"11-1, shoulda won the tropy. 11-1 against the toughest teams..."

Our latest installment of Rah-rahs Per Minute, TWER’s longstanding series focusing on the vinyl (and otherwise-formatted) sounds of Auburn Spirit too long relegated to the rotting Shasta box bulk-bins of our thrift stores and garage sales, is a further exploration of the Smilin’ Jack Smollon (RIP) salvaged-from-the-dumpster-behind-WANI-in-Opelika oeuvre. Auburn is …

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