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That time Katy Perry played Auburn’s Student ACT

[UPDATE] She also may have been here in the late 40s as well.

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Katy Perry in a 2001 interview, a few weeks before she opened for Bebo Norman under her real name (Katy Hudson) at Auburn University.

The obvious, we’ve-done-it-before first line is Katy Perry kissed an Auburn girl and, like anyone would, liked it, ha ha ha.

But up-and-coming Christian alternapop princesses who could occasionally be seen on TBN and wrote forwards for devotionals probably shied away from even joking about that sort of thing in 2001. And of course, her name wasn’t Katy Perry, not then.

Nope, it was barely 17-year-old Katy Hudson—she was still several years away from using Katy Perry as her stage name—who opened for Christian folk pop superstar Bebo Norman at the Student ACT on Nov. 13, 2001.

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 10.31.54 AM
Auburn was their 56th stop on a 60-show college tour. You know she probably talked about it with Cam.

From the Plainsman.

Katy Hudson, daughter of an evangelist from Satna Barbara, Calif., is the only female on tour and is also the youngest. Her self-titled debut album presents pieces of her life. She either wrote or co-wrote every song on the album making her music personal.

She relates to teens with an alternative influence in her music, but she believes much of the message in her songs has no age barrier. She played guitar and sang songs including “Growing Pains.”

Were you there? Have photos? Turns out newly Londonized TWER contributor Mac Mirabile was the Plainsman’s photo editor at the time… and lo and behold, it’s his name on the byline for the photo accompanying the review of the show. But the photo’s of Bebo. Just Bebo. We’re lookin’ for the person with that backstage, Bjork’s Auburn Cup type shot of that cute girl you saw that one time and thought might go places. Is that person you? Have you always wondered why Katy Perry looked familiar? Are you even still reading this, or are you scrambling through your scrapbook? War Eagle? Roar Eagle?

h/t Preston Hornsby.

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