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  1. If memory serves me correct, we were ready to go to press with a special edition for Sept. 12, but couldn’t find anywhere to print the thing.

  2. What a day… I’ll never forget waking up to a few friends calling my “answering machine” and leaving messages to tell me to turn on the TV. The first plane had just hit. I was sleeping in as I didn’t have class until 11. We sat around my fraternity house as pretty much every professor canceled class in the Business building. I remember this Plainsman page like it was yesterday…..

  3. I don’t necessarily remember the Plainsman page but I’m sure I picked one up. I just remember driving to my 9am class and the radio station that I usually listened to in the morning was playing some weird feed that sounded like some mass hysteria that all I could make out was maybe something weird going on in New York. Then I changed the station. When I got to class nobody else knew what was going on and my class went on as usual and then afterward we started hearing what had happened and all my other classes were canceled that day except for band practice.

  4. I remember that morning. I was a sophomore, living in the CDV extension (Building F, first floor if anyone cares :P) I woke up late that morning and the first thing I do every morning is check my email. I glanced over and noticed that my fraternity’s (Alpha Phi Omega) mailing list was on fire. People saying things like “pray, lots of people are dying today.” was down, so I turned on the TV.

    All my classes were cancelled. Me and my roommate spent most of the rest of the day just watching TV (although I did, at my Dad’s insistence, gas up my car, and I seem to remember paying like $3 something a gallon for it too at that station on Wire and University).

    If TWER is interested, I have some photos from the planning sessions in the SGA offices for the memorial service that took place on the Samford lawn a few days later, as well as the memorial itself and some of the fundraising efforts on the concourse. I could probably dig them up.

  5. Every journalism student imagines having a “stop the presses” moment, but nobody imagined this. I remember walking across campus to the Plainsman office to start editing the Intrigue section when I got a phone call from my mom. I got off the phone and started running.

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