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TWER talks to Pat Dye about Gus Malzahn’s hurry-up, hell-it-works offense

Pat Dye is introduced as an honored guest at Auburn's 2011 national championship celebration (Todd Van Emst Photo)
The One and Only being introduced at Auburn’s 2011 national championship celebration [Todd Van Emst photo]
Pat Dye is almost 74 years old and he’s sitting up in an excavator on his cell phone and he tells me he thinks Gus Malzahn’s hurry-up offense is great, not necessarily the demonstration of it last Saturday night, but the philosophy behind it, the potential.

“They ain’t got an answer for it right now. The only answer they got is faking injuries.”

So as player and coach and master of the game for a hundred years, do you think that if you had a good quarterback operating the HUNH with a good team that was clicking on all cylinders… do you think that, you know, there actually is an answer for it?

He answers the question like he’s glad someone finally asked him. Doesn’t hesitate.


But then he adds: “Not if they got speed on offense.”

He thinks Auburn has speed on offense.

“I think we got a ways to go. We don’t really know what we are right now. But we got three or four people that can score from anywhere on the field. Corey Grant can score from anywhere. (Tre) Mason can score from anywhere. Sammie Coates can score anytime and I think (Nick) Marshall can when he gets his feet on the ground. That’s a pretty good threat when you think about it. It’s just getting the football to them in open space and letting them do their thing.”

Dye seems especially high on Coates’ potential to turn speed into points.

“He’s run by every corner I’ve seen him go deep against. He just hasn’t gotten the ball, and he hasn’t always been a consistent catcher, either. All that’s got to materialize.”

What’d you think about Gus goin’ for two after the first touchdown, Coach?

“Well shit, it worked didn’t it? It doesn’t make a difference what I think. It worked, that’s what counts, whether they can execute it or not.”

Same goes for Auburn’s current pop culture play card method of calling in plays. “Hell, it ain’t no use trying to figure all that shit out, just enjoy it.”

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