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Miss America Mallory Hagan shouts ‘War Eagle’ during Miss Houndstooth Chandler Champion’s preliminary talent round

Therrrre she is. Arrest her.

There were probably a couple of factors that lead the future Mallory Hagan-Aubie to do what she did during the preliminary talent round of the Miss America competition Wednesday in Atlantic City.

It was obviously one of those public Us vs. Them moments ripe for LOL displays of team spirit to which Hagan, a vocal Auburn fan and, lest we forget, former Niffer’s employee, has thus far embraced. And if you were faced with the nightmarish prospect of handing over your crown, the coveted glass slipper of American womanhood, to the newest pinup queen of Bama Nation (as sweet as we’re sure she is) and her “houndstooth” Roll Tide dress, you’d probably do everything you could to distract her during her routine, too.

From al.com:

(Miss Alabama Chandler) Champion performed a spy-themed ballet en pointe routine, using the theme music from “Dragnet,” “Mission Impossible” and the James Bond franchise.

“She nailed it,” said Miss Alabama Executive Director Nan Teninbaum.

Although contestants’ talents were on full display, the Alabama and Auburn football rivalry also made an appearance.

Current Miss America Mallory Hagan, who attended Auburn University, yelled out “War Eagle” during the preliminary. Members of the audience from Alabama quickly responded with a “Roll Tide” according to Teninbaum.

Mercifully, Champion (at least her parents didn’t name her national), a University of Alabama student, is only scheduled to dress up like the Wicked Witch of West Vance during a pre-pageant parade, but don’t think she won’t and uh, the Tuscaloosa everywhere like such as on stage. Champion told NJ.com, she’ll introduce herself to the judges by saying “From the state known for national championships, here to be your champion tonight, I’m Miss Alabama Chandler Champion.”

Related: Shug Jordan’s houndstooth hat is prized possession of former Auburn coed who caught it after ’69 Iron Bowl, claims it predates Bear’s.

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