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  1. I’m really glad they can’t wear those cut-off jerseys anymore. I always thought that looked ridiculous.

  2. One of my old teachers asked me to judge a junior-high science fair back in Enterprise circa 1994… one of the projects was a study of whether air or helium-filled footballs would go farther (aka “The Sherrill Theorum”). The experiments indicated air-filled balls actually traveled farther using the same “kicker” (a mechanical foot on a pivot, powered by gravity).

    First prize…

  3. Will, They let you judge a science fair? Who was huffin’ the helium over there? 😉

  4. The Mythbuster guys also tested helium footballs a few years back. They “busted” the theory.

  5. Sherrill shouldv’e stuck an inflation needle in the ball, sucked on it, then said something in a high voice.

  6. This incident was laughable. Jackie Sherrill is the LAST coach who needs to accuse any program of wrong doing or cheating! As I recall, after he left MSU they were left in a world of trouble for Sly Croome to straighten out!

  7. I own the balloon and gift shop Check-It-Out and yes when this story came out we had a lot of people who called asking if this would work. We would just giggle and say of course not explaining the weight of the pigskin could not be “levitated” by helium or any other lighter than air product. We would explain we inflate balloon footballs with helium but it’s a balloon not a real football. Thanks for the memories on this story.

  8. Wasn’t Sherrill caught trying to use bull testicles in the Gatorade illegally in a game against Tejas?

  9. and I thought Bama was the only team looking for excuses…I do remember this but never realized they were actually tested.

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