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2006 Iron Bowl recurring character in ABC, CBS crime dramas?

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Tommy Trott had a cameo in Sunday night’s season premiere of “The Mentalist.”

There are three possible explanations: That the 2006 Iron Bowl is, like, mood music or something for crime scene investigations (entirely possible) and that scriptwriters for ABC and CBS are just super sticklers for details; that the 2006 Iron Bowl is, for whatever reason, the most popular selection in the Football Game Broadcasts Licensed For Use In Television Shows catalog; or that Brad Lester wrote the scripts for both this December 2011 episode of ABC’s Body of Proof and Sunday night’s season premiere of CBS’s The Mentalist. Or all the above… so four explanations. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

Because not only are we almost positive that the Auburn game flashing across television screens in the background of both shows is indeed the 2006 Iron Bowl, we’re pretty sure it’s also the same play: Lester’s 12-yard touchdown run four minutes into the second quarter.

However, the 2006 game isn’t the only finger from The Streak to sneak into prime time in recent years. You can watch the monkey from NBC’s Animal Practice crack up at John Parker Wilson get Brodie’d in the 2007 game here.

Eagle Eye Awards to Nolen Griffin and Matthew Harrell.

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