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  1. so you see. The tradition was never to litter the campus. and even after the wires holding the street lights were replaced the INTERSECTION of Toomer’s Corner could still be rolled. it wasn’t near as easy because the new street light supports were slicker than the old wire. But id you trailed a long enough tail off your toilet roll and you had just the right spin so the paper came off the roll as it flew and if you got it touching the traffic light and the wind was right then you could get the paper to stay up there instead of slide off with the rest of the roll. And once a few seeds were sown it was easier for the rest of the tp to get a grip and stay.
    The trees were NEVER the tradition. the rolling of the campus was always considered poor form and only devolved because the TP at Toomer’s corner was set on fire by people after the rolling was over. Sometimes it might have been an opposing fan, iother times it was a college boy looking to make himself look big by stomping on somebody else sandcastle.
    But rolling the campus was consider the wrong thing to do and only became widespread when the tradition was quelled by Local City Politicians.
    The best thing to do would be for the student body to embrace the wires over The Intersection as a return of the Real Tradition, and quit defacing, harming, and littering the Campus grounds.
    IF they will give it a try they will appreciate the symbolism of closing down the main intersection of the Whole area to celebrate… right there. In the streets. Common Ground between the School and the Town.


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