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Photo of the Toomer’s Triangle being test rolled; new trees may not be planted until late 2014

Down on the corner, out in the street…

The video captures the first, albeit teeny tiny rolling of Toomer’s Corner since the Fathead worthy rolling on April 20 right at the end. But here’s photo of it as it was happening: City of Auburn Engineer Jeff Ramsey testing out the new wires, the floating logos, the return to the middle of the intersection, which is where the celebrating will stay not for one as some TV stations have reported, but likely two to four football seasons.

In fact, Dr. Gary Keever says that thought the massive renovation of Toomer’s Corner is scheduled to begin following the 2013 football season,  it’s possible the two trees that will replace the Toomer’s Oaks as the corner’s focal point won’t actually be rooted until after the 2014 season.

“Regardless of whether they are planted in early or late 2014, the trees will not be established by fall 2015 and probably not for several years thereafter,” Keever said.

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