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  1. Excellent article. Did he happen to say what he thinks about the 1914 team? I claim 9 National Championships. I wish the University would as well. It is very disheartening that they aren’t even honoring this team for it’s 100th anniversary. War Eagle

  2. I don’t see why we don’t claim this title. Auburn can be it’s own worst enemy at times! We earned this title we should claim it! Thanks for sharing this WER!

  3. What a fantastic article. It would be the perfect time to finally recognize the 1913 National Championship, too – on this, the 100th anniversary of it.

    What is holding the Auburn Athletics Department back? Do we need a groundswell of public support to sway Jay Jacobs?

  4. I feel like Auburn should claim what is their’s. I am surprised the school isn’t jumping all over this article. I also feel like Auburn should have a share of the BCS title from the ’04 season! WDE 4EVER!

  5. Great article. There is no doubt about 1913 and it should have already occurred. For traditionalist after poll era began ’83 is not very clear cut and is more like some of the yellow hammers.

  6. Actually going through my grandfather’s ,
    “Judge” Gaddis’s, yearbook from 1913 and found out he was a fullback for this same year. Tried to find Richard Billingsley’s contact information, which by the was is my maiden name, to share the photos with him.

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