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Watch the entire Auburn Football Review for the 1991 Florida game

 (it's 1991 and you're name's Corey—we'd be disappointed if you weren't wearing gold glasses. Extra bonus wit
It’s 1991 and your name’s Corey—we’d be disappointed if you weren’t wearing dazzling gold glasses (Please Corey, hurt’em).

Crazy Ziegler commercials. Osmose pressure treated pine. That majorette in that Coke commercial. Phil Snow’s smile. Mike Hubbard’s voice. And Coach (you reckon they’ll let him keep that fence?) in the locker room. It’s all there, all except the win. (But Corey Barlow’s epic specs almost make it feel like one.)

Yep, Dunican “Playboy” Casselberry had some nice plays, as did Otis “Shut Up, B****” Mounds. And we DID break a world record or something. And Stan White IS apparently immortal.

But in the end—”it doesn’t happen often”—the Gators triumphed, 31-10.

“I think it’s fairly obvious that we’re going through some tough times right now,” Dye said.

“Nothin’s gon’ last forever. The wind doesn’t blow all the time.”

Sure, Snow said, and teams go through cycles. Sure, Dye said, even though he didn’t like thinking that Auburn was just another team. So he remained positive. Downright inspirational, really. Because that’s what the kids deserved.

“It’s not like we got a sorry bunch of kids. That’s not the case at all.”

If you were one of the special people who actually had the show mailed to you each week—subscription VHS offers were probably the most 1991 thing ever—you actually got to hear Dye ask fans to “write the players if they’ve got something positive to say and a word of encouragement.”

Dye said he’d put it on the bulletin board at Sewell Hall .

“Let’em know there’s a lot of Auburn people out there who still love’em and still care about’em.”

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