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  1. And by voicemail machine John means his answering machine. With tape!

    My favorite was Brak saying “My breath smells like potato chips.” So random.

  2. Worked at WEGL the first day it signed on the air with Skip Bishop and Paul Ellen and others. When it signed on originally we had 13.5 watts for broadcasting blowtorch. Only about 1/2 the dorms could even get the signal.

    At night we would play a serious sounding station ID on the hour that said “Broadcasting with less watts than the common household lightbulb, this is W-E-G-L.” Faculty found out about it, nearly got me suspended.

    What fun….

  3. I remember these!!! Was a huge fan of SGCTC and of Brak especially. I remember it being more “cult fave” popular, so it was crazy when Brak showed up on wegl. Always figured it was someone on staff that was just really good at doing the voice, knowing it was Brak himself makes it all the better! My other fave ID from the late 90s: W-E-G-L, a rare medium, well done.

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