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Brak’s promo drops for WEGL

I listen to WEGL. It makes me pee.

If you were hip enough to work at WEGL in the mid/late 90s, and know who Brak was, then having Brak do a WEGL promo drop was like having Brak do a WEGL promo drop.





Here’s the story of how Brak came to do promo drops for WEGL, as told by Auburn / WEGL alum John Belcher:

The short story to how we got these was that at the time (1996-97), The Space Ghost Coast to Coast show was really starting to become popular. I thought that it would be cool to get drops from Brak, so I did some research, find out that Andy Merill was the voice of Brak and I was able to call Turner (Cartoon Network) up and ask for him. Surprisingly, they patched me right in to his voicemail. I left my info on his voicemail, asking him to give me a call, thinking that I’d NEVER hear from him.

Two days later, I walked in to my apartment after class and saw that my voicemail recorder was blinking. I rewound the tape on the voicemail and hit play. The next thing I heard was some guy saying that he was a boat captain and that he had found my keys down by the bay, followed by some rant about leaving my keys, basically scolding me. I had no idea who this boat captain was, why he thought he had my keys and how he got my number. Then there was a second message. It was from Andy, saying that he’d be happy to make a recording and to give him a call back with what we needed him to say and where to send the recording. I quickly realized that Andy was the boat captain.

So, I called him back, talked to him for about five minutes, giving him our info and within a week he had the Brak drops recorded and sent some posters, postcards, t-shirts, etc.

I knew the Brak drops would be pretty popular at the station, but they ended up being a lot more popular than we expected, to a point where we quickly took half the drops down (off the server) so to limit the amount of times they got played during the day.

Belcher says there’s maybe another eight or so Brak drops (“most making fun of WEGL”) floating around.  We’re working on tracking them down (you can help!).

In the meantime, you can listen to some other legendary WEGL promo drops,  sincere Christian approved.

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