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That awesome AU College of Business video

We asked Troy Johnson, Director of Communications and Marketing for Auburn University’s Raymond J. Harbert College of Business, to give us the skinny on that ballin’ #WEBiz video put out by Auburn University’s Raymond J. Harbert College of Business.

It’s important to note that, in the making of the video you are about to watch, no office equipment was injured.

In attempting to build a buzz in the months leading up to the naming of Auburn University’s Raymond J. Harbert College of Business, we did not bludgeon any copier/printer/fax machines with baseball bats. Yes, we did channel the movie “Office Space” to some degree. We want you to puzzle over the incongruity of Dean Bill Hardgrave dropping the bass and faculty, staff and students in business suits flashing the #WEBiz sign (it’s short-hand for War Eagle Business, our Twitter tag).

Our aim is to demonstrate that, although we take business very seriously, we do things a little differently. As Dean Hardgrave put it, “We grind 24-7, 365.”

While we are professional and purposeful, we lack pretense. We are young, having emerged as a school in 1967, a college in 1984 and, in many ways, having been re-born last Friday by virtue of Raymond J. Harbert’s $40 million investment in our future. We may lack the history of our ivy-covered counterparts, but we now have a name that will help us raise our game and bridge the gap between good to great.

When news of Mr. Harbert’s gift filtered out last Friday, we didn’t celebrate with Lobster Thermidor and fine china. We marked the day in a spirit reflected in the #WEBiz video – ice cream sundaes on the front lawn.

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