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Loveliest of the Plains — Chewacla Suntan

June 27, 1969:
June 27, 1969: She wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie orange and blue (probably) polka dot bikini…

Whenever we start thinking, “you know, it’s been a while since our last Loveliest post,” we’ll always check to see if there’s a good one that’s “an exactly _____ years ago” match to whatever day it is.

Thankfully, Miss Becky Weeks took up nearly a quarter of the front page of the Plainsman exactly 44 years ago, fosterin’ that Auburn Spirit above the fold on the rocks of Chewacla Park in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie orange and blue (probably) polka dot bikini.

And hey, it’s doubly perfect because it’s been nearly a year since we’ve had a swimsuit. (Alison Brie on the steps of the Coliseum Pool is a hard act to follow.)

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