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  1. Why? Since they’re friends? Come on. Always thought highly of Jones….until now.

  2. Jones proved himself to be an idiot. Finebaum is the worst enemy in the media AU has. No motives? Please!. He has something up his sleeve.

  3. Hate Harvey, and hate Finebaum even more, but I dont have a problem with this. I think Finebaum really feels for this guy, after all it was in trying to impress the master the the apprentice incriminated himself. These are two peas in a pod, so I could actually see a heartfelt and honest exchange between the two. Afterall, one could not exist without the other. Besides, Harvey paid his debt. I say let him talk to as many media members as he wants and sit in the skybox at that dog track in Tuscaloosa for all the games. Let him be the standard bearer for all those bammers. Its far better to allow them to be identified as they truly are.

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