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Former Auburn football player turned archery god Howard Hill in a Chesterfield cigarette ad

We’ve written about former Auburn football and basketball star Howard Hill before. We’re writing about him again. He deserves it. Dude remains the greatest archer to ever draw bow and breath. And on those breaths road the mild satisfying smoke of Chesterfield Cigarettes, for as long as they paid him at least.

howard hill ad small
Former Auburn football standout Howard Hill for Chesterfield cigarettes, 1938.

Yes, so big a deal was Howard Hill once upon a time, Chesterfield hired him to endorse their cigleys. And while old cigarette ads may be notorious for their comical claims about the health benefits of tobacco and tar, that whole thing about Howard being able to ash your cigarette with an arrow is totally true. Howard Hill won 196 archery field tournaments in a row. No typo. By most reports, he actually did made the most iconic archery shot of all-time: Robin Hood splitting a bulls-eye arrow with another bulls-eye arrow, something not even Mythbusters could replicate. Not only could he William Tell an apple, he could do it with a freaking prune, and apparently a cherry.

Watch him become the first white man to ever kill an elephant with a bow and arrow here. (Thanks, Chesterfield!)

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