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Cam Newton to Michael Jordan: ‘Under Armour’s on the rise!’

Cam Newton and close friend at a Charlotte Bobcats game in 2011. [Photo: Jocksandstillettojill.com]
They’re not just neighbors who park their Range Rovers side by side. (I mean, their Porsches. Their Range Rovers. Wait, no, their Porsche Range Rovers? Yeah. Right? “That’s how they do it, heh heh…”) anymore. They’re not just court side photo op close. It’s not just some headline-only He’s Obviously A Mentor Because I’m Young And Famous And He’s Old And Famous And Lives In The Same City thing, at least not if we’re to take what the Blessed Individual recently told Vibe about his relationship with Michael Jordan seriously. (And no one jokes around when you’re talking shoes. )

VIBE: Did you camp out for sneakers growing up?

Cam: Naw, I was never one of those guys. With me being close friends with Michael Jordan, I always give him a hard time and say, ‘Under Armour’s on the rise!”

Cam Newton is “close friends” with Michael Jordan. Cam gives Michael Jordan—Michael Jordan—a hard time. And he should, of course. I mean, what’s the official shoe of Auburn cheerleading this year? Here’s a hint: It ain’t Air Jordans.

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