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Cam Newton gets 7-year-old author to sign his book for him

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Birmingham-based author Amare Small posing with a fan. [Photo: Amare’s Facebook page.]
When was the last time Cam Newton asked someone else for an autograph? Last weekend, when he met Birmingham-based author Amare Small. The 7-year-old showed up to Newton’s promotional stop for his clothing line at an Atlanta-area Belk. He brought with him a copy of his first book, “Operation Back To The Field,” an autobiographical thriller about a boy named Amare whose parents won’t allow him to play football.

The about the author photo—note the Auburn helmet—shows Amare doing his best Cam impression, stylistically speaking.

A sample:

“No football this year” said dad. These words rang in Amare’s ears like bells. All Amare ever wanted to do was to become a great football player and go to the National Football League one day like his favorite player Cam the Man, and his parents were crushing his dream. He know if he was going to play football  he had to convince his parents that he needed to be on that field with his teammates. He needed to come up with a plan…. Not just any plan… the best plan ever! OPERATION BACK TO THE FIELD is a go!

Amare, an Auburn fan but an even bigger Cam fan, thought Cam might enjoy it. He gave it to Cam. Cam was touched. Cam asked Amare to sign it for him (“C-A-M.”). Cameras were rolling.

You can order “Operation Back To Field” here, or get your own autographed copy at one of his book signings (he’s already had one at a Barnes & Noble).

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