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Beau knows that Bo knows Bo Knows Signs

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Beau knows Bo.

Whatever risk of trademark infringement may or may not exist as a result of a Statesboro, Ga. business Bo Knows Signs being named in obvious reference to Nike’s great “Bo Knows” ad campaign* is likely mitigated by the name of the owner: Beau Brown. And not because it’s pronounced the same way you pronounce “Bo.” It’s because Brown’s name was on Auburn’s football roster at the same time as Bo.

Beau knows Bo.

“Yes, the name is take off of the Nike ads,” Brown replied to an email asking about the name sent by TWER reader Michael LaPointe. “As an ’82 teammate of Bo, as documented in Jackson’s autobiography ‘Bo Knows Bo’ co-written by Dick Schapp, I thought it would be funny.”

* We have no idea about such matters. Probably not a big deal either way. Except when it comes to a quick angle for a post. Whatever—the point is that one of Bo’s former teammates whose name is also pronounced “Bo” named his business after him. So that’s cool.

Photo: BoKnowsSigns.com

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