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Cam Newton discusses his ‘very challenging’ first semester back in class at Auburn

One of the many traffic-driving distractions Cam Newton had to ignore during his first semester back at Auburn? A Valentine’s Day invitation to Phi Mu’s carnation ball… delivered via song during class.

Cam Newton’s hardest class during his surreal, serenaded first semester back at Auburn as a Normal College Student? Criminology. That’s what he recently told the Charlotte Observer (so maybe that was the grade he was hahaha willing to buy).

“It was very challenging this semester to go back to school, being that I was out of school for two years,” Newton said. “Being in a controlled setting where you just can’t leave when you want to as many times as you want (or) blurt out whatever you want to blurt out. You had to go in class with a nice frame of mind, be able to take notes and turn in assignments.”

And of course bring donuts. If it was Thursday. (Speaking of, donuts apparently have no detrimental effects on the Blessed Individual. Re-Freshman 15? Newton said thanks to his Auburn workouts he actually lost weight.)

Another challenge for the NFL Superstar student? The constant back-and-forthing between classes at Haley Center and voluntary workouts at Bank of America Stadium.

“Showing my face only two or three times a week for my teammates to see, but at the same time going back to school was important,” Newton said Tuesday. “I was trying to stretch my appearances out to a degree. Being here in Charlotte, then driving back to Auburn, then driving back to Charlotte on multiple weeks was very challenging.”

What about finals?

“Finals were finals,” Newton said. “My critique of a final is no different than yours. It’s never fun,” Newton said. “But at the same time you have to prepare the right way, similar to a game.”

Newton says he has one more semester before earning his sociology degree. Last month, we asked his mother Jackie Newton if he would walk to receive his diploma.

“I have no idea, that would be Cameron’s decision,” she said. “Because of other contractual commitments that he has it might not be feasible, but it might be.”

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