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  1. JD, that is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having read it.

  2. I’m afraid I agree with JD. I don’t think everyone else in the college world has the same view of Cam as we do. Not sure we want to make him an object of an Auburn ad. War Eagle!

  3. Well, okay then. I guess Under Armour, GatorAid, Belk’s, and any other multi-billion dollar company that uses his endorsement got it wrong. Good grief.

  4. I love Cam! I actually saw him with two friends at the LaGuardia airport on Sunday! I thought it was him and touched his arm and asked quietly, “are you Cam?” He looked down at me and said “yes ma’am.” So polite. I did not want to make a scene and cause others to want photos and autographs so I just said War Eagle and he said it back! He is a wonderful young man!! I wish I could tell his mother how polite he was! He was trying to disguise himself with hat, sunglasses, messing with his phone, but the height gave him away! As for not using him, why wouldn’t we!? He is a student then and now. And he has a name that is as recognizable as Bo Jackson. No one pays a bit of attention to another schools’ ad. They are looking for their own. So use Cam, use Bo, pull Pat Sullivan out if you wish! Not many schools can lay claim to three like these men!

  5. Great story, Gree. Do we really care what the alums from other universities think? I know I don’t.


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