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Allah In: Australia has a Muslim women’s football team called the Auburn Tigers

Helmets? These Auburn Tigers wear hijabs…. #allahthing.

Looks like we have a new female Muslim Australian Football team—the Auburn Tigers from Auburn, a suburb of Sydney.

From TheAustralian.com:

The Auburn Tigers began last year as a Muslim club and the boys’ side won the fourth division premiership in its first season. The women only began this year, prompted by the urging of the NSW AFL multicultural officers. They will have a female coach and have asked the Tigers’ male side to keep away on their training nights and game days.

On the cultural barriers to forming the team, Karra-Hassan is frank.

“Girls don’t play sport is the big one,” she says. “My dad has that attitude and it took a while for our parents to become comfortable with it. Luckily, Dad doesn’t even know what AFL footy is, but if he ever saw me get tackled I would be in so much trouble.”

Karra-Hassan says that the other women’s sides have been helpful.

Asked if the game ever gets rough, she shrieks: “Of course it does. We are from Auburn!”

We presume their arch rival is Halalabama.

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h/t @IsaacTM

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